Value of a peer advisory board

What are the benefits of an alternative board of directors but TAB will help you to create a better business and to unify companies in an advisory council of business owners yielding more than just an increase in company revenue. Experience shows that council members often experience an increase in their quality of life due to improved balance between work and private life, learn how to fight burnout better, and even work on their interpersonal relationships


Every business owner has their unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and even highly skilled individuals can benefit from deeper support in certain areas. While you may excel in financial management and identifying inefficiencies, you might find communication with employees or developing a marketing strategy challenging.

An advisory board comprised of diverse business owners brings a powerful tool to the table, allowing each member to fill in the knowledge gaps and enhance their abilities in various fields. Besides receiving valuable advice, you also have the opportunity to share your expertise, pushing you to grow and provide assistance to fellow business owners.

Additionally, this kind of advisory board creates a safe space for business owners to openly address their vulnerabilities and knowledge gaps, promoting professional growth.

Assistance in Evaluating Ideas and Strategies

When you are brainstorming new ways to grow your business or considering potential opportunities, the real-world experience of your advisory board members becomes invaluable.

Developing effective growth strategies, marketing plans, or business succession plans can be daunting. Generic advice may not suit your specific circumstances, but having experienced business owners to consult significantly improves your chances of receiving personalized guidance. Within a diverse council, someone may have encountered a situation similar to yours, providing tailored advice.

Your fellow council members can pose challenging questions or offer insights and reservations based on their own experiences. Their input helps identify blind spots and ensures your strategies are robust and well-rounded.

Gaining an External Perspective

Frequently, business owners immersed in their daily operations struggle to identify potential problems or opportunities that may be apparent to an outsider. An advisory board comprising external, unbiased viewpoints expands your perspective significantly (a particularly valuable resource for family-owned businesses, where advice often comes from individuals with similar perspectives).

The diverse backgrounds of council members offer unique questions and ideas that can lead to exceptional insights. In contrast, relying solely on a homogenous group might result in conventional advice limited to the specific field.

By leveraging the expertise of an advisory board with members engaged in various industries, you gain fresh perspectives and uncover brilliant solutions that might have otherwise remained unnoticed.


Increasing Your Level of Responsibility with an Advisory Board

While many business managers excel at meeting day-to-day business goals, they may struggle to focus on broader objectives aimed at expanding the business, such as implementing new marketing strategies or establishing valuable business partnerships.

An advisory board consisting of fellow business owners can help you step up your level of responsibility, ensuring you stay committed to achieving long-term goals and objectives. Knowing that you'll be held accountable during the next advisory board meeting fosters a positive pressure to take actions that genuinely foster business growth.

In addition to the added accountability and pressure on your team, council members can provide valuable insights into the challenges hindering your progress towards specific milestones or goals. They can assist in identifying underlying issues impeding your success and brainstorm potential solutions to overcome roadblocks.

Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the advisory board, you can gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing your business's growth and develop actionable strategies to address them effectively. The support and guidance provided by the council will not only enhance your sense of responsibility but also lead to increased progress and success for your business.


What should you consider when joining a business advisory board?

Many councils will allow you to attend one or two sessions as guests before you decide to join. This is a good idea because it allows you to see group dynamics in action and gives you a better sense of adapting the specific group to your needs.

When you are trying to decide if a particular council is right for you, consider the points below before making the decision.


MEMBERS Are you closest friends

Who are the current members? What types of professions and fields do they come from? Do they have diverse experience and diverse subjects? Useful tools to test current members of a potential advisory board of business owners are LinkedIn and Google.

In the advisory council, it is important that members come from different fields and not compete with each other. The concept works on a basis of openness, and you will not be open to a competitor from your field.

Times up

How much time do you need to spend on the advisory board each month? How often do they meet and how long do they last? Beyond meetings, are there any additional time requirements such as anticipation of volunteering or receiving business training from an outside party?

A financial investment

What is the annual or monthly cost? How much will your business need to grow (or how many new customers you will need to bring in) to benefit from the investment of joining the Council? Does the board seem to give at least that or even more?

The host

The supervisor or the chairman is the main factor that affects the way the council functions. If you are considering joining the Council, ask to meet this person face to face to understand his personality and style. Look at the way he runs the meeting if you come to a trial meeting. Does he manage it effectively? Do you agree with the insights and suggestions he gives to the other members?

Your commitment to be open
There are two important recent things that are important for the success of an advisory council composed of business owners: Be willing to share advice and be open to advice. Ask yourself if you are willing to be vulnerable enough so that you can learn and grow with the rest of the council. Are you ready to share challenges you are going through on your own and empathize with other challenges? Are you willing to offer advice that is not always pleasant?


What does a council meeting look like?


An advisory board of business owners usually meets once a month with a qualified supervisor, and consists of an intimate group of more or less 10 members. These members come from a variety of fields of practice, contributing to the group many types of knowledge and experience in order to help each other solve challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

In a typical council meeting, members are given the opportunity to greet each other and keep up with each other, and then learn something new and applied about business or any current trend. The next step is to move around the table, one by one, so that each member can share a specific problem or situation that they want to gain a new perspective on. The other members of the council ask questions of clarification and give advice.

Now the members are making a list of their goals for the next 30 days, for the next quarter and the coming year. This is where the responsibility-enhancing aspect comes in, and the members help each other understand why they have not yet met certain goals, and brainstorm to see how the council can help. Finally, the members set the agenda for the next council meeting.

In order to realize the great benefits of an advisory board of business owners, it is important to create a safe and comfortable space where business owners can become vulnerable, share their problems and ask for advice. Because sensitive issues are raised, business owners must build trust so that they can feel that confidential information will not leave the room and that their ideas and concerns will be treated with respect by their friends.

It is important to help members remove their “verbal armor” and communicate with each other in a prudent and prudent way that will not make it necessary to defend themselves.
In a survey of advisory board members of business owners similar to ours, 70% of members said their business earns more and makes more money from sales since joining the board. An impressive majority of 90% said they have improved their ability to address personnel/organizational issues since joining.

In addition, most of the members stated that they had a high return on investment in corporate fees.
Beyond business owners’ advisory councils, our company offers members professional training and consulting services, as well as valuable opportunities to networking and access unique business resources.