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Business owners often talk about the “loneliness at the top” – usually the friends, family, employees, consultants, and even managers in the business – don’t really understand the place of the business owner, the challenges and dilemmas. The Alternative Board’s business councils (TAB) enable discussions and sharing through peers who are in a similar status to the business owner. This is where you can share, gain insights, and consult, open and with the unique added value to the model of business and Venus councils, business and personal training linked to the realization of your personal and business vision



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    A traditional advisory board is a group of individuals who are personally selected and meet to help direct the business owner in making difficult decisions. These individuals typically complete the expertise of the business owner, and they may include different professionals – from a financial advisor or lawyer to a sales specialist or marketing person.
    Consulting councils made up of diverse professionals who are a power multiplier for business have long been a key component of big business, but small business owners do not usually have the resources needed to use traditional councils.
    TAB’s unique model is to assemble advisory councils from colleagues – business owners who are equivalent in level to business, in order to bring added value to an advisory council. In a model of peer councils with businesses from a variety of fields that can share insights and expertise to help each other grow the business, meet for discussion and mutual assistance. You receive an alternative board of directors | Business Training | Business Community | STRATPRO which is a transformation program through workshops and the guidance of management and employees | as well as technology
    The idea is further detailed in Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich, which recommends the creation of MASTERMIND, a brain pool, in order to produce a business power multiplier, and the empowerment of insights, knowledge, and abilities of all businesses or members of such a circle. At TAB, we create exactly these braincircuits, with the focus being business, and the discussion backed up by a business coach to make sure that ideas and thinking are embedded and realized in the business. Among the meetings are business and personal training, preparation for previous meetings and processing. In the meetings themselves there is mutual commitment and guarantee between the members.
    Active and stable business owners who want to increase business growth .
    For business owners who want to develop into a new business direction and are about to enter unfamiliar territory
    Business owners who feel “stuck” in a regular routine, and are not sure how to get out of the routine.

    Business owners who wish to transfer the management of the business to an external manager or family member, and need advice and guidance.
    Business owners who feel they need constant help in marketing, hiring, managing employees, and other day-to-day affairs
    For business owners who wish to improve the balance between work life and the personal life and leisure of the business owner